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Through a Different Lens: The Art and Science of Biocultural Diversity


Langscape Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 1, Summer 2017 in the northern hemisphere





Knowing How You Are Related to All Creation: A Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning
Rose Thater Braan-Imai

Repairing the Broken Arrow: Rebuilding Cultural Identity Through Art and Language
Barbara Derrick

In Praise of Negentropy: Art and the Micropolitics of Biocultural Diversity
Rosa Caterina Bosch Rubio




At the Edge of the Region: Where Science and Art Meet in a Storied North Queensland Landscape
Michael Davis

Educational Intelligence: Learning About Place and Country Through Aboriginal Art and Activism in Sydney, Australia
Stephen Houston

Thinking Like Fire: The Biocultural Art of Firelighting
Hilary Vidalakis



People and Plants: Sustaining Agrobiodiversity Through Art and Science in Zimbabwe
Saori Ogura

Gloriously Entwined: Nature and Culture, Art and Agriculture
Eliza Smith

When Art Beats Science: Saving Tree Kangaroos with Song and Dance in Papua New Guinea
Jean Thomas

Listening to Country: Language, Art, and Conservation in Coastal Queensland, Australia
Colleen Corrigan

We Feed the World: Photographing Traditional Knowledge in the Kalix Communities of Northern Sweden
Francesca Price and Clare Benson




People Mapping: Visualizing Sense of Place for Decision Making
Barbara Dovarch

Pipelines and the Poetics of Place: Bringing a Fuller Set of Values into Environmental Assessments
Nigel Haggan

Of Cassowaries and Men: Mapping Indigenous Knowledge Networks to Empower Biocultural Conservation in New Guinea
William Thomas with Chris Leberknight

One Square Meter: Wool Art Honors the Biocultural Diversity of Mobile Pastoralists
Liza Zogib, Divya Venkatesh, Sandra Spissinger, and Concha Salguero


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