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Biocultural Diversity Conservation: Communities at the Cutting Edge


Langscape Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 1, Summer 2018 in the northern hemisphere





Tunun Kayutukun: Words Have Power
Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff and Libby Roderick

Biocultural Features of Urban Gardens and Yards Enhance Place-Making and Belonging in South African Townships
Duncan Haynes, Michelle Cocks, and Charlie Shackleton

Innovations as Part of Sustainable Practices in Biocultural Landscapes: Experiences from Rotational Farming in Hin Lad Nai Community, Northern Thailand
Pernilla Malmer and Prasert Trakansuphakon

Designing Biocultural Protocols with the Embera People of Colombia
Gabriel Nemogá, Justico Domicó, and Alejandro Molina

A New Approach to Bilingual Marine Conservation Science Education: The Collaborative Work of Caribbean Communities and Marine Conservation without Borders 
Thomas Dean King



Biocultural Diversity as Observed from the Hawaiian Nation
Harvy King

Into This Processed Woven Land
Momoe Malietoa von Reiche

A Few Short Journeys Along the Nature-Culture Continuum: Reflections on Community-Led Conservation
Jessica Brown




Can the Cenotes be Saved? Biocultural Conservation in Yucatán, Mexico
Yolanda López-Maldonado

Biocultural Heritage in Fishing Villages in the Far North of Sweden: Bringing Traditional Knowledge into the Future
Joakim Boström, Anna-Märta Henriksson, and Marie Kvarnström

The Sweeping Dance: Cultural Revival, Environmental Conservation, and the Art of Broom-Making in St. Lucia
Laurent Jean Pierre

There is So Much More to a Story than Meets the Eye: Tales from the Dusun of Ulu Papar, Malaysia
Marina Aman Sham

Community and Biocultural Diversity Conservation in Ethiopia: Learning from Each Other
Fassil Gebeyehu Yelemtu

An Ancient Game Opens the Door to Innovation in the Farma Valley, Southern Tuscany, Italy
Andrea Giacomelli

The Biocultural Fabric of Renosterveld: A Unique Ecosystem at the Heart of the Swartland, South Africa
Emmeline Topp


Web Extras


The Power of Place Names: Embedding Bama Local Languages into the Australian Landscape
Michaela Jeannaisse Carter

Biocultural Diversity on the Border: The Yaylas of the Western Lesser Caucasus
Soner Oruç & Ceren Kazancı