A typical Maya patio (locally called “solar”). Fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal plants, poultry, pigs, and also bees can be grown and cultivated there. Photo: Yolanda Lopez, 2020


A Mayan house in which most of the Mayans locked-down during the Covid-19 . Without internet facilities we were disconnected from the globalized world but re-connected to nature. Photo: Josue Ayuso, 2020


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Nigel Crawhall, Chief of Section, Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge, UNESCO.

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UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay in Mexico at the closure of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. © UNESCO, 2019

Wai Wai communityGuyanaMasekenariAugust 2008

Wai Wai community Guyana Masekenari, August 2008. Photo by Cristina Mittermeier

280) Dr. Luisa Maffi (VERTICAL GRAPHIC)


A map of the wildfires blazing across California, Oregon, and Washington on September 9, 2020. Image: Wikimedia Commons, 2020

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